5 Reasons Why You Should Use Your Pool For Fitness

By udm - November 20th, 2017 in Uncategorized

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Many of us associate swimming with summer pool parties or leisure activities like sun-bathing. But did you know that swimming is one of the most effective workouts for the human body? Here are reasons why swimming can help improve your health, and the lives of those around you.

Hearty Exercises

Incorporating swimming into your exercise routine not only diversifies your workout, but it accelerates your heart rate while you have fun. Also, swimming improves your cardiovascular health immensely. If you want a healthier heart, get back into your pool and complete some laps.

Boost Your Metabolism

Did you know that swimming builds lean muscles too? Boost your metabolism by increasing your weight training in the pool. Pool water acts like a natural resistance band that helps you burn calories and tone up your body while you have a great time.

Become More Flexible

If you’re someone who owns a heated pool, then you will reap some unique benefits. Heated pools calm our muscles, which enables us to stretch easily. We become more flexible as we swim and we expel harmful toxins from our bodies that produce muscle soreness.

Core Strengthening

When you swim more often, your core will strengthen in time. Swimming uses all the muscles in your body at once. Even though your upper body does most of the work, kicking workouts are a great leg exercise.

Lose Weight

Swimming to lose weight is a great outlet for those who dislike gyms or find them boring. When you swim in your pool, you’ll feel yourself losing your breath at times. Your heart rate increases and you feel some strain on your body. This means you’re burning calories while you swim. Just push yourself a little bit, but never overwork yourself either.

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