Sunscreen 101

By udm - December 1st, 2018 in Swimming Pool Safety

woman sitting in a clean pool by Atlas Pool with sunscreen

After a restful and relaxing day at your swimming pool, sometimes our skin is left aching after a sunburn. Here we write about ways to protect your skin against harmful sun rays. Try swimming during off-peak times such as late afternoon; wear protective clothing and try sunscreen. If you aren’t sure which sunscreen to use, we discuss some options below.

Sunscreen Options for Tanning

Protect yourself from harmful sun rays while tanning your skin with Australian Gold’s Spray Gel Bronzer. With built-in moisturizers, the bronzer nourishes your skin as it protects it.

Sunscreen for Active Users

If you’re very active and enjoy surfing or splashing around, try wearing protection that can withstand the elements. Coppertone Sport provides SPF 50 protection and a layer that sticks onto your skin even when you get sweaty or move around.

Sunscreen Tips:

  1. Reapply every two hours and when you leave the pool. Even if you wear water-resistant foundation, make sure that you’re covered each time you get out of the water.
  2. Don’t use expired sunscreen because it loses its UV protection as time passes. Most foundations should still be effective two-to-three years after purchase. However, be sure to throw out sun protective creams it if is beyond the expiration date.
  3. Spread well! The amount necessary for an average adult is the amount that would fit in a shot glass. If you have a 4-ounce bottle, you should use nearly a fourth per application.