Chlorine vs. Saltwater Pools

By udm - November 1st, 2018 in Uncategorized

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Chlorine vs. Saltwater Pools – Pros & Cons

Saltwater pools are newer and many soon-to-be pool owners want to know what the pros and cons are of installing and owning one. Many pool owners go for chlorine because it’s the traditional, well-known choice. Both pools have great futures. If you don’t know which pool is right for you, you aren’t alone. Here we break down the differences between chlorine and saltwater pools.

Saltwater Pools

Most people think saltwater pools are entirely natural. But the truth is saltwater pools are not like seawater. They aren’t even chlorine-free. Saltwater pools use electrolysis to produce enough chlorine to disinfect the pool water.

Saltwater Pros

  • Less chlorine makes saltwater pools gentler on your skin and eyes. If you have kids, this pool is a great choice. Or saltwater pools are ideal if you’re an athlete who needs to be exposed to pool water for a while.
  • Chlorine levels in saltwater pools are high enough to disinfect the pool water. But the chlorine levels are not enough to damage swimwear.
  • With the use of natural chlorine, saltwater pools require fewer chemicals and maintenance compared to chlorine pools.

Saltwater Cons

  • A saltwater pool is often more expensive than a traditional pool. Furthermore, saltwater pools typically need a higher initial investment.
  • Compared to chlorinated pools, a saltwater pools system is far more complex. Repairs call for expertise and a specialized technician.

Chlorine Pools

Chlorine pools are popular because they are cheaper to install and easier to maintain.

The Chlorine Pros

  • The initial investment price for chlorine pools is less than saltwater pools.
  • Chlorine pools typically use less electricity.
  • Most repairs can be done yourself, and finding someone to do more complicated pool repairs is easy.

Chlorine Cons

  • Chlorine is known to be harsh on the skin, eyes, and hair.
  • Also, chlorine pools require constant vigilance to kill excess bacteria. This means that you need to check on chlorine content on a regular basis. In addition, other chemicals such as balancing agents, need to be added consistently.