Serving All Bakersfield’s Pool Repair Needs

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Our Atlas Pool Care team has many years’ of experience diagnosing and repairing swimming pools, spas, and pool equipment. We know how to recognize the various things that typically go wrong with pools and spas. And, we know how to get your pool or spa back in the business of providing enjoyment for the entire family.

We take a systematic approach and work quickly to fix equipment such as pumps, cleaners/skimmers, filters, heaters, and lights. From the simple to the complex, Atlas Pool Care takes a professional approach to pool and spa repair. We know the questions to ask to get to the true reason for a breakdown, and perform repairs quickly and correctly.

When it’s time for a repair, many customers want to replace outdated pool and spa automation. We specialize in smart phone automation, giving you the ability to control your pool from any location.

Atlas Pool Care is also an authorized dealer for high quality Pentair and StaRite pool equipment.