How to Get More Out of Your Pool With Pentair®

By udm - November 8th, 2017 in Pool Care

pentair ad

Automatic Control of Your Speed and Flow Pumps

Atlas Pool Care is proud to offer the Pentair IntelliComm II Interface Adapter. It’s one of the most compact and affordable adapters on the market. It has automatic control over your pool’s speed and flow pumps, meaning you can rest assured and enjoy your swimming time. Also, its low-voltage protocol adapter works with Pentair®, Compool® and other control systems, making installation a breeze.

Swim At Your Own Pace

Everyone likes to get more bang for their buck. And that’s why we like this adapter because it gives you total control of four individual speeds or flows. You can also expand the number of IntelliFlo pumps controlled by EasyTouch® (current limit is 2) and IntelliTouch® (current limit is 8) automation control systems.

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