3 Pool Care Tips For July

By udm - July 1st, 2018 in Uncategorized

gal in a bikini relaxing in her clean pool maintained by bakersfields best

Pool Care Tips During Sunny July

With all the parties and events going on during the 4th of July, plus the super hot weather we’ve been feeling in Bakersfield, CA, your pool experiences a lot more activity than usual. All of this pool fun uses your pool equipment and makes it far harder to upkeep your pool during the summer time.

Here are a few, simple pool care tips for July:

1. Check Your Swimming Pool Equipment

When your pool is experiencing heavier use than normal, it’s best to stay ahead of the game and check your pool equipment regularly or have a pool service specialist come out to check it themselves.

Ensure that your circulation system is working the way it’s supposed to and clean your filter when needed. Also, check all your pool’s skimmer suction baskets as well as your swimming pool’s pump basket to make sure they don’t have harmful debris like excess leaves or pine needles.

2. Check Your Pool Sanitizer

The added heat and pool usage during the month of July means your pool’s chlorine will be used and deplete much faster. If your pool water starts to look cloudy and unclear, test your pool’s chlorine level. In general, chlorine levels should be kept and maintained at one and three parts per million (ppm) and the swimming pool water should be stocked weekly, if not bi-weekly. It’s critical that your water is properly balanced by checking your pool’s pH, alkalinity (TA), calcium hardness, and the pool’s dissolved solids.

3. Check Your Pool Filter

Pool filters are made to remove small-to-medium sized debris and particles in the water but there’s a limit within each filter. When small amounts of debris start to collect and build up in your water supply, the water can start to discolor. There are several clarity products on the market to help keep water clear and many are all-natural and eco-friendly. Even after all the maintenance you put in, your pool still needs some work, give us a call and we will provide you with the perfect pool care you deserve and need.