How to Clean Your Pool: 4 Fast Tips – 2019

By udm - January 8th, 2019 in Uncategorized

cleaning device used to maintain a clean pool

How to Clean Your Pool: 4 Easy Tips

We wrote last year about how to properly clean your swimming pool. Since then, we know many pool owners adopted some of the tips we gave in combination with some standard procedures.

But don’t limit your pool cleaning routine by sticking to a set of tasks without entertaining new methods that can help you clean smarter, not harder.

Let’s dive into cleaning pool tips for 2019! 


When your pool water sits and festers for a while without being exchanged, concentrations and other contaminants may bloom. Iron, copper, and calcium can turn into a problem and create stains inside your swimming pool. To avoid staining and harmful concentrations, use flocculant.

Flocculant tackles dirt particles and allows them to become removed from your pool with a pool vacuum. Place the flocculant bags inside the skimmers and your pool’s filtration will distribute the flocculant into your water. When you want clear pool water without concentration built-up, use flocculant!

Vacuum Cleaning

To remove the dirt particles, vacuum your pool. There are various swimming pool vacuums you can choose from that aren’t too pricey.

Instead of choosing a manual vacuum that might take longer to clean your pool, choose an automatic pool vacuum.

An automatic pool vacuum is convenient and might save you money on other cleaning products later on.

Deck Cover Cleanout

Dirty particles and debris also collect around and inside your swimming pool cover. Therefore, clean your pool cover to keep from contaminants building around your pool gear and creating larger problems down the road.

Refresh Water

Pool owners need to refresh your pool water only a few times per year. Not only will adding flocculant help you decrease concentrations, but adding fresh water will do so too. Adding fresh water will limit salts and metals like chlorides and copper from ruining your pool water.

Pool owners need to lower their concentrations to maintain a disinfected pool.  How do you remove concentrations from your pool? Add three-to-five percent of your total pool water to your pool about two or three times a year.

Do NOT use well water. Well water has high concentrations of metals that will diminish the quality and cleanliness of your swimming pool.

Full-Service Swimming Pool Company

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