Limited time PG&E Rebates

Pool pumps traditionally take up a high percentage of your electric bill during swim season. But it’s possible to save up to 90% of the energy a pump uses by switching from a single speed to a variable speed pump. Atlas Pool Care considers your current pump and pool requirements to recommends a pump that saves energy with a relatively short pay-back time. To add to the incentive, you may qualify for a PG&E rebate because you’re installing an energy efficient product. PG&E requires that the pump be installed by a certified installer, such as Atlas Pool Care.

Reduce noise

Energy efficient pool pumps are nearly silent when compared to traditional pumps. Enjoy the sounds of nature, not the sound of a pump doing its job.

Program & schedule operations

A new energy efficient pool pump lets you control the amount of pump speed and the times of day. Such variability can help reduce algae build up and improve filter and chlorinator performance. And, you can remote control your pool from your smart phone.

Atlas Pool Care is an authorized dealer for leading brands of pool equipment. We understand the benefits of each brand for different types of pools and the way people use their pools. Talk with us about how much money we can help you save with an energy efficient pump.