If you suspect a leak from your pool or spa, don’t delay in getting a professional opinion. Losing water is naturally bad in drought conditions, and causes a spike in water bills. But the leaking water also breaks down the fill material around your pool, which may cause problems for your pool structure. The following are indications of an actual leak, rather than normal splashing or evaporation:

  • Need to add 2+ inches of water per week
  • Falling or loose tiles
  • Increase in water bills
  • Increase in chemical use to balance the pool
  • Wet, soggy areas in the yard during non-watering days

Some leaks are obvious. But there are many that are difficult to see unless you know where to look. Leaks often occur in plumbing, pipes, or around lights or drains. Atlas Pool Care has the equipment and expertise to detect leaks, and the resources to repair leaks before your pool or surrounding area are damaged.