A Clean, Brand New Look Without Re-surfacing

  • spa and pool cleaning treatment by atlas pool care of Bakersfield

Acid washes and chlorine baths treat stains on pool plaster to restore a clean and new look without re-surfacing. Because working with acid or chlorine may be hazardous, it’s best to have professional service. Atlas Pool Care has many years’ experience treating all types of pool stains.

Acid Wash Service

An acid wash is an abrasive cleaning that strips away a thin layer of plaster, taking the stain off and exposing ‘clean’ plaster. The process requires training and experience to know the right concentration of acid and how long to leave it on the surface of the pool. Many pool owners are thrilled to see the difference that an acid wash makes in the appearance of the pool.

Chlorine Bath Service

A chlorine bath is a non-abrasive treatment for swimming pool stains. The plaster isn’t removed; the chlorine ‘bleaches’ the stain (with a heavy dose of scrubbing). Chlorine baths are good for treating algae build-up or staining.

Trust Atlas Pool Care to take the best, most professional care of your Bakersfield pool.