Can You Get Sick From A Dirty Swimming Pool? Yes!

By udm - April 16th, 2019 in Pool Maintenance, Pool Care, Swimming Pool Safety

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Can You Get Sick From A Dirty Swimming Pool?

Ask your professional pool cleaner in your neighborhood, and they’ll tell you the many ways you can get sick from swimming in a dirty pool. Although taking a dip in a pool offers respite from the summer heat, you need to consider how safe it is before taking the plunge.

Your swimming pool has a large number of germs and bacteria that may cause recreational water illnesses (RWIs). These illnesses spread by swallowing, inhaling, or having contact with contaminated water from pools, spas, lakes or other water bodies. Some common symptoms may include swimmer’s ear, skin rashes, and even diarrhea.

The data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDCP) shows that your neighborhood swimming pool may not be as clean as you think.  According to a study, approximately 30,000 recreational water illnesses documented in the U.S. from 1978–2004, showed a steady increase in reported outbreaks.

Let’s learn how to remain healthy this summer.

Health Hazards of Swimming in a Dirty Pool

If you use a community swimming pool, you often have to share it with other children and adults. Public pools make it more challenging to ensure your pool is clean and safe for swimming.

As in your pool,  chlorine may be on the top of your list of pool supplies, but may not be enough to kill the various germs and bacteria in your pool. Several water-borne diseases may spread such as:

  • Cryptosporidium

Crypto is highly resistant to chlorine. And, even if you have a well-maintained pool, it can comfortably live for days. Only a specialist pool cleaner with the right knowledge of super chlorination can help you get rid of it and make your pool safe for swimming.

Prolonged exposure to contaminated water can cause lousy diarrhea that may take weeks to cure. And if you swallow even a small amount of this pool water, you may have to deal with infections that cause vomiting, stomach pain, and fever. You can kill most waterborne germs and parasites within 1 minute of adding a milligram of chlorine per liter of water. But to eliminate crypto, you’ll need to maintain ten times this concentration for at least 12 hours. For this reason, it is best to hire a professional pool cleaner for the job.

  • Giardia

Like crypto, this parasite can cause gastrointestinal distress including vomiting, bloating, constant diarrhea that may last up to 3 weeks, and weight loss. Symptoms of giardiasis usually take show up after a couple of weeks.

  • E.Coli

  1. Coli is perhaps the most common cause of illnesses associated with dirty water. Fecal matter of both animals and humans contains Escherichia Coli. So when someone suffering from diarrhea or diaper-wearing child uses the swimming pool, the bacteria will find its way into your water. And if anyone swallows this water while swimming, they are prone to gastric discomfort with bloody diarrhea and even kidney failure in extreme cases.
  • Salmonella

Salmonella is another bacteria transmitted via dirty pool water contaminated by human and animal feces. It has similar symptoms. You should use a pool vacuum to keep your swimming pool clean and free from any feces for clean swimming.

  • Hepatitis A

Hepatitis A is a significant concern if you swim in a poorly maintained pool. Swallowing such contaminated water can lead to jaundiced skin, dark urine, an upset stomach, vomiting, and even fevers.

Apart from this, your swimming pool has many germs that carry infections like cholera, dysentery, typhoid fever, hepatitis E, and more. Swimming in a dirty pool can also lead to severe ear, nose, and throat (ENT) infections.

Further, contaminated water can cause red eyes and itchy skin. It could range from a mild infection to severe health conditions on prolonged exposure. Thus, it is vital to have regular pool maintenance. Don’t gamble with your health. Consult a specialized pool cleaner near you.

Importance of Pool Maintenance

While it is fun to own a swimming pool, it requires a lot of hard work to maintain one. You don’t have to spend a large part of your day cleaning the pool. However, if you neglect your pool over a long period, you are likely to run into trouble.

Poor maintenance makes your swimming pool a breeding ground for all sorts of algae, microorganisms, bacteria, and germs. On the other hand, regular pool maintenance has many advantages, like;

  1. Increases the life of your pool

A swimming pool is an investment. And the best way to get the most out of your pool is to hire a reliable, professional pool cleaner to maintain the pool. With experienced pool maintenance professional by your side, you will not have to worry about pool upkeep for years to come.

2. Healthy swimming experience

In fact, by maintaining the cleanliness and hygiene of your pool, you can reduce the chances of getting sick from swimming in dirty pool water. So clean your pool and enjoy your swimming experience without risking your health.

3. Saves you money spent on medical expenses

With regular and systematic upkeep, you can reduce the money spent on medical treatment of these illnesses. It is wiser to spend your money on pool maintenance and save yourself the cost and suffering from infections caused by a dirty pool.

4. Prevents costly damage to the pool structure

Poor pool maintenance can result in out of pocket expenses down the line. A professional pool cleaner helps you avoid any serious damage to your pool over time. Preventive maintenance is an excellent investment in your asset and swimming experience.

Is Your Pool Water Safe To Swim?

If your pool has murky, hazy, or turbid water, then it is reasonable to say the pool is not safe to swim in. But what about if your pool appears clean?

Well, don’t be fooled!

Just because your pool water looks clean does not mean it is safe to swim in. There are many little details you need to check to ensure the water is fit for swimming. Check the water balance, pH, and chlorine levels to reach a more specific decision. So, the next time you’re out buying pool supplies, stock up on pH test strips and chlorine test strips for a handy pool test kit!

How to Keep Your Pool Clean

While cleaning the pool may appear a daunting task, you can always use chlorine as a way to kill most germs. Keep filters clean. You can also use a pool vacuum regularly to clean the floor of the swimming pool.

As pool specialists, we can’t ignore the need for proper pool maintenance. If you don’t have the time for the pool maintenance, hire a reliable and experienced pool maintenance company near you. Don’t neglect your swimming pool until it turns green and becomes a liability. Invest in your pool and increase the life of your asset with regular upkeep and maintenance plans.

Don’t Have Time For Pool Maintenance? Hire a Professional Pool Cleaner Near You

If you have any questions on swimming pools, or need cleaning tips, call us to speak to our pool specialists today!