4th of July Pool Party Ideas

By udm - July 4th, 2018 in Swimming Pool Fun

4th of july

How to Throw an Epic 4th of July Pool Party

The 4th of July a day where American families gather to celebrate together, eat delicious food, and maybe even see some fireworks. If you’re a pool owner, we believe that the best way to celebrate Independence Day is to splash around with your loved ones in your pool.

The pool is the place where people gather to laugh, play games, and cool off during the summer. Let’s dive right into it. We put together a few festive Independence Day pool party ideas to help spark your creativity and help you have the biggest party on the block!

Stars and Stripes

What better way to decorate your backyard than with stars and stripes! Don’t be afraid to get a little patriotic and festive. Here are some looks we absolutely love.

4th of july

4th of july

4th of july

Patriotic Party Decor

Some patriotic nail designs are sure to make your bathing suit pop!


Try making some 4th of July signs!

4th of july

Themed Treats and Party Favors

You need to feed your guests too! Check out these 4th of July themed pool party foods by the Prudent Penny Pincher. 4th of july