We Keep Track of When Your Filters Need Cleaning, So You Don’t Have To.

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DE Cartridge & Filter Cleaning Done Right & Made Simple

Keeping filters clean extends the life of the filter, saving you money on replacements. Even if you keep your pool clean every week, fine sand and dirt can cycle through the filters. Dirty filters reduce the efficiency of the pump, which leads to higher energy costs. At its worst, a dirty cartridge or filter will recycle dirty water back into the pool. DE Cartridges and filters use diatomaceous earth (DE) to filter out these unwanted particles and they’re considered the most efficient of all pool filters.

Hassle-free cleaning

Atlas Pool Care’s professional pool cleaning service ensures that your DE cartridge or filters stay as clean as possible for longer usage. We’re a full-service pool company, and we take care of your pool’s complete maintenance. When you work with Atlas Pool Care, we’ll keep track of the time between filter cleanings so you never have to think about it. We have your pool care covered.