“Oh No, the Pool is Green!”

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People who care for their pools sometimes get an unwanted surprise – green water. Regardless of the severity, you’re better off calling a professional to get the pool back on track. Doing it yourself easily turns into hundreds of dollars and hours of time as you try to re-balance the chemicals.

Atlas Pool Care does a thorough job of bringing green back to clean. First, we diagnose the situation to determine the proper level of treatment.

Minimal green pool treatment

If you can still see the bottom of the pool, then we apply the following:

  • Chemical shock applied over 3 – 5 days
  • Thorough cleaning of the filters
  • Aggressive brushing of all surfaces (green stain can damage surfaces)
  • Chemical re-balance of pool water

Maximum green pool treatment

You come back from vacation and can’t see the bottom of the pool. Or, you’re buying a house and the pool is in disrepair. Here’s how we get pools back to swim-ready:

  • Drain the pool
  • Remove all loose debris and dirt
  • Apply a chlorine and acid wash to all surfaces to remove stains
  • Clean filters completely
  • Inspect all equipment for proper functioning
  • Refill the pool and balance the chemicals

Trust the experts at Atlas Pool Care to quickly get your pool ready for swimming fun.