3 Winter Season Pool Care Tips

By udm - January 29th, 2018 in Uncategorized

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Check Systems to Prevent Freeze Damage

Winter is officially here, which means it’s time to close your pool. Always remember to examine your pipes and pool parts to ensure they are functioning correctly with weather changes. Furthermore, drain all the excess water from the pump, filter, and pool heater.

As the weather temperatures continue to drop, the water inside these parts will harden or freeze too. If excess water solidifies inside your swimming pool’s pipes, they become at risk of cracking. Pipe blows and cracks are extremely costly going forward.

Instead of pouring all your money into replacing your pool pipes, simply make sure you drain your pool water about 4 to seven inches during the winter. Always monitor the weather in your area.

Pool Covers

Pool covers are essential during harsh winters. While Bakersfield typically does not experience tough winter seasons, with swimming pool management, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Even using a dirty cover is better than not owning a cover at all. Uncovered pools become vulnerable.

We can’t think of anything better than pool covers when it comes to keeping young children, debris, and wildlife out of your swimming pool. Keep your cover clean by hosing it off and prevent stray material from hardening during the cooler temperatures.

Also, the colder months are an excellent time to clean your pool shed and discard all chemicals you used in the past. Saving older chemicals is problematic. Furthermore, you always want to make sure you remove any and all water and debris that has accumulated in your pool areas and covers too.

You can use a vacuum or a sump pump to remove water and clean your cover. Don’t forget to lay out your cover to let it dry. Pool owners need completely dry covers. Lastly, store your cover in a secure place that will stay clean during the warmer, summer months.

Chemicals Break Down Contamination

Using an enzyme pool product during the winter season helps break down organic contamination that will sneak into your pool during the winter. Contamination includes pollen, animal droppings, dirt, and other grime that builds in your pool when you neglect treatment.