5 End of Summer Tips for Swimming Pool Fun

By udm - August 1st, 2016 in Swimming Pool Fun

young girl jumping into a pool feet first

After a few months of swim season, parents start to hear, “I’m bored!” Keep the fun going and stay as cool as possible with these tips for swimming pool activities:

  1. Throw a Spontaneous Pool Party

Don’t wait for a special occasion, or feel like you need to make a big meal. Make a few calls or text messages and get the party started.

  1. Buy or Create New Pool Toys

Pool hoops or volleyball provide something to do for 2 people or 20. See what you or your kids can come up with for making your own pool toys. Here’s one to get you started: Pool noodle javelin throw – make a circle out of a pool noodle and duct tape. Cut a pool noodle(s) in half to create a ‘javelin,’ and let the throwing contest begin. See how many games you can come up with – longest distance throw, the highest number of consecutive ‘throws,’ etc.

Here’s another one — Fill a 2-liter clear plastic bottle with pool water. Line players up on the side of the pool with their back to the water and throw the bottle in the pool. Then, the players turn around and jump in and try to find the bottle. It’s harder than it seems! (Make sure that the cap on the bottle is the same color as the bottom of the pool.)

  1. Make an Underwater Movie

Buy an inexpensive disposable waterproof camera, dive in, and load up your Instagram account.

  1. Do a No-Sweat Workout.

Water exercises are a great way to get moving and you’ll barely feel the burn. The natural resistance of the water makes the movement more effective and buoyancy can help prevent injury. So, turn on some music and jump in!

  1. Take a Dip in The Pool at Night

Throw in some glow sticks and dive in, or blow up a balloon with a glow stick inside to create a floating lantern.

In Bakersfield, swim season may extend into October. A few tips for maintaining your pool all season long:

  • Rinse off before getting into the pool.

Rinsing before swimming removes oil, sweat, lotions, cosmetics and soaps on our skin, hair, and bathing suit that affect the cleanliness of the pool. Soap and lotion residue contribute to poor water quality and increase the opportunity for waterborne illness and swimmer’s ear.

  • Keep filters clean.

Clean filters maximize your pool’s efficiency. Certain filters, such as cartridge filters, don’t require any backwashing, which saves water. Remove debris such as leaves, bugs and trash daily to keep the water in your pool clean.

  • Keep your dog out of the pool.

We know, it’s really fun to swim with your dog. But dog hair clogs your pool filter and makes the pool work harder. Also, chlorine isn’t good for a dog’s skin. If you can’t keep your dog out of the water, a chlorine level under 3.0 PPM is best.

  • Throw in a tennis ball to absorb oil.

Tennis ball fibers help absorb oils, such as suntan lotions, which keeps your pool cleaner.

Happy summer, everyone!