Tips for the Perfect Pool Party

By udm - March 27th, 2017 in Uncategorized

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Make a splash in your neighborhood with the perfect bash

Summer is right around the corner, and in Bakersfield, that corner is much closer than the rest of the United States. While many will dread the rising temperatures, pool owners like yourself have nothing to fear: Your crystal clear pool is already the envy of the neighborhood. So, invite the friendly neighbors on your street and kick off the summer right with an adult swim. Bring the kids and host a family bash.

Here are some tips to help you pull everything off swimmingly

Greet guests with drink trays as soon as they arrive

Margaritas are perhaps the best summer cocktail that will put your guests at ease and in the mood to socialize. For underage guests, Iced Teas, Fruit Juices, and sodas make excellent fare.

Spread out your snacks, get people to mingle.

Ditch the single buffet style table that everyone congregates around. Opt for several smaller tables spaced around your backyard and floating drink coolers for the pool. This way you bring the beverages to your guests, and various snacks will get people to walk around. A word of caution for the drinks: consider plastic or aluminum containers for your beverages, as broken glass doesn’t mix when people are barefoot. 

Don’t get burned, throw your party around dusk.

Timing is everything, and hosting a pool party during the day can leave some of your guests feeling burned afterwards. Dusk pool parties have a couple benefits: First, most people will be off work or school and available to join. Second (and best of all), you can get creative with lighting. Tiki-wick torches, floating candles, or glow sticks can add the perfect touch of lighting and set a festive, fun mood for your party.

Grass goes on lawns, not in your pool.

People entering and exiting the pool will often track grass and dirt on their feet, ultimately ending up in your pool next time they jump in. Prevent this by keeping a small inflatable kiddie pool at the entrance so guests can rinse their feet off. This will help keep debris out of your pool and help keep your water clean.

Outdoor pool games

They come in all shapes and sizes. Corn hole and Marco Polo are expected and popular, but have you ever heard of Watermelon Ball, Pineapple Ring Toss, or Swimming Pool Table Pong? These are all great games that can keep your guests entertained for the duration of the party. Plus, it’ll create plenty of memories for everyone!

Have A Blast

Most importantly, remember to have fun and stay cool this summer. Remember, if you need help getting your pool ready for a summer bash, give us a call. We’re here to assist with all your pool maintenance needs.