Sliding into Fun With These Epic Pool Slides

By udm - March 20th, 2018 in Uncategorized

boys sliding into a clean pool by atlas pool care of Bakersfield

Now that you’ve reopened your pool, kept it clean and upgraded, it’s time to add some fun elements to your backyard oasis! Introducing the old, fashioned pool slide. Get ready to make some memories right in your backyard. The best thing about a pool slide is that it can be used by anyone in the family and it will elevate the overall aesthetics of your backyard space.

Here are some common, but favored slide types among pool enthusiasts everywhere: 

Straight Leg Slide

The shape of this slide is straight at the top with a widening curve at the bottom when one splashes into their swimming pool. These slides are usually very spacious, making it fun for the whole family. Choosing a closed stairway is a smart choice for the kiddies to prevent injuries. In contrast, an open stairway is better suited for older kids and adults. Typically, the height of a straight leg slide ranges from twelve to eight feet tall. Furthermore, a straight leg slide really makes smaller pools pop due to its simple and classic design.

Elephant Leg Slide

If classic shapes don’t appeal to you and you want a truly unique slide, we recommend going for an elephant leg slide. The two primary types of elephant leg slides are the G-Force shape and the stream design.

The G-Force shape slide has a curvy shape that looks like a DNA strand, and it’s usually about nine feet tall. A stream elephant leg slide has a steeper drop at first while the end smoothes out. The stream design is for those who aren’t afraid of heights because it towers at fourteen feet and more in size.

Let’s Install Today!

While installing a slide is easy for most, it’s important to know the depth of your specific pool and the slide you want’s footprint. What’s a footprint? The footprint is the amount of space needed to install the slide’s legs and its ladder. The slide has to be tall enough for one to jump into their pool without risking injury as speed picks up. Once you pick a slide, know the weight capacity, height, build, and width.

Installation Safety

Every slide needs to come with a safety envelope, which acts as the entrance to your swimming pool. But it is critical to secure properly the water safety envelope before you enjoy your slide.

Slide Into The Best Swimming Pool Experience

A slide can truly bring the best memories to your pool parties or gatherings. Contact Atlas Pool Care today to learn more about maintaining your backyard space and keeping it fresh!