Ring in the New Year With a Pristine Pool

By udm - January 3rd, 2018 in Uncategorized

clean pool by atlas pool care of Bakersfield

Clean Water Ready

Atlas Pool Care continues to be Bakersfield’s #1 Full-Service Pool Company! How did we do it? We keep things clean for our customers! Staying on top of things is more than a New Years resolution for us.

There are so many months of great, swimming weather coming up. Therefore, you want clean water ready for a refreshing dip or a last-minute party. Look no further than us! Every week, our team will test your pool water and adjust the chemicals as necessary to keep the water sparkling clean.

Here’s what else we’ll do for you:

  • Check and backwash filters
  • Confirm that the pool equipment is operating efficiently.
  • Keeping the skimmer in top shape distributes chemicals and minimizes dirt and debris in the pool.
  • Clean out pump and skimmer baskets for leaves, insects, and dirt that collect during the week.
  • Vacuum the pool to eliminate the fine dirt that can build up and become a problem

Atlas Pool Care’s weekly pool cleaning keeps residential and commercial pools in top shape.

We’re a full-service pool company, so we know how to watch for and prevent small issues from becoming big problems. CALL US TODAY and enjoy your immaculate pool.