How to Get Your Pool Ready for Winter

By udm - October 28th, 2016 in winter pool care

winter pool cleaning services by atlas pool care of Bakersfield

Swimming pools in Bakersfield probably get more swim time than most areas of the country. But, at a certain point in the fall, it’s time to think about getting ready for winter. We are happy to offer our services for people who are too busy or don’t want to work on their own pools.

Winter Pool Preparation

Whether you want us to help you or you want to do it yourself, here are the important tasks to cover:

  • Make certain that the pool is absolutely clean and clear of any algae.
  • Vacuum, brush, and scrub pool surfaces.
  • Scrub the tile line so that the residue doesn’t sit all winter.
  • Clean skimmer baskets.
  • Fill the water to the top of the pool, almost to overflowing (for non-freezing temperatures).
  • Shock, chlorinate, and balance pool chemicals.
  • Backwash the filter.
  • Drain the pool lines to prevent pipes from bursting.
  • If available, cover the pool.
  • Remember to continue checking the chemical levels regularly throughout the winter. In Bakersfield, where are winters are mild, ‘regularly’ means once a week. When it’s colder (water temp 40 – 55 degrees), then once a month is probably fine.
  • If we will have prolonged freezing temperatures, you’ll want to run the filter system to circulate the water and prevent freezing.

Other Patio Prep for Winter

Taking care of the entire pool area is good maintenance and preserves your investment in outdoor living.

  • Clean pool accessories prior to storing to keep them in good condition for when you’re ready to open up the pool for swimming again.
  • Power wash the deck.
  • Consider storing outdoor furniture rather than exposing it to the elements of winter. The furniture will last longer, and will look better for when you can enjoy being outside.

Please contact us if we can help you get your Bakersfield pool ready for winter.