It’s March! Time to Open Your Pool Again 

By udm - March 8th, 2018 in Uncategorized

pool maintenance by atlas pool care of Bakersfield

Ready to Dive Back into Your Swimming Pool?

When we think of March, we think of St. Patrick’s day, springtime, the warm weather, and College basketball. But wait! Don’t miss out on an essential activity that’s common for any celebration this month. Let’s journey back into our swimming pools and have some fun!

We here at Atlas Pool Care think March is one of the best months to reopen your swimming pool. Sometimes, waiting for temperatures to rise past 70 degrees, causes algae and other contaminants to fester in your pool. The last thing you want is something growing under your pool cover. So, we think it’s about time to reopen your pool and take a look around.

Let’s review how to open your pool back up again and sustain a maintenance plan: 

  1. Hook up your filter system and pump. Make sure everything is fully functional.
  2. Look at your water to check if it’s crystal clear or green.
  3. If your swimming pool water is clear, test the water for pH and alkalinity.
  4. Toss in some pool chlorine tablets to gain the pH and alkalinity levels needed for your pool to thrive.
  5. Do you have green water? With green water, you really need to use many more Chlorine tablets to combat the issue before it worsens. This will annihilate the growing pesky algae.
  6. Don’t forget to vacuum out any excess algae.

Pool Maintenance Plan

It takes a lot of time and dedication to keep your swimming pool water fresh and safe. It’s time to prevent dangerous growth and get your pool maintenance routine ready and managed by the pros. Call our Atlas Pool Care team to help keep your backyard oasis fresh and cleanly.