Why Acid Wash Your Pool?

By udm - May 8th, 2018 in Uncategorized

acid wash pool maintained by atlas pool care of Bakersfield

Acid Wash Service

acid wash

What is it?

An acid wash is an abrasive cleaning that strips away a thin layer of plaster, taking the stain off and exposing ‘clean’ plaster. The process requires training and experience to know the right concentration of acid and how long to leave it on the surface of the pool. Many pool owners become thrilled to see the difference an acid wash makes the appearance of their pool.

Okay, But How Do I Know If I Need One?

Pool owners mostly want to acid wash their pools when unattractive stains start to appear from algae, dirt, minerals, or bad chemicals. Also, another reason to acid wash your pool is if your water has not taken care of or remains motionless which produces algae. The cost of chemicals and labor used to restore your pool water back to normal can be almost, if not more costly than an acid wash. The best way to know if your pool needs this service is to look at your pool bottom. If you cannot see your pool bottom, you should get an acid wash!

Are Acid Washes Safe For My Pool?

Atlas Pool Care’s service team is thoroughly trained to safely drain and clean your pool. Acid gets applied to remove a thin layer of plaster, pebble-tec, or gunite. Then, the acid is removed and the pool gets filled without harming the surface. Pool owners, on average, should acid wash their pool once a year.

Atlas Pool Care

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